Man Singh I was the only Hindu subedar. Led by Bakhtiar Khilji, an army of several thousand horsemen from the Ghurids overwhelmed Bengali Hindu forces during a blitzkrieg campaign. From the 1850s, industry was centered around the capital Calcutta. The All India Muslim League was created during a conference on liberal education hosted by the Nawab of Dhaka in Eastern Bengal and Assam. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about history. Henceforth known as British India, it was thereafter directly ruled as a colonial possession of the United Kingdom, and India was … [60], Under Mughal rule, Bengal was a center of the worldwide muslin and silk trades. Content Guidelines 2. The city-based Hindu middle classes became the fiery champions of All-India based nationalism. The first traces of West Bengal's history are recorded to belong to the Vedic era when the state was inhabited by myriads of people of varying origin and ethnicity. It boosted British prestige and at a single stroke raised them to the status of a major contender for the Indian empire. The Mughal province of Bengal was termed Subah-i-Bangalah. The Ledo Road was constructed between Bengal and China through Allied controlled areas in northern Burma to supply the forces led by Chiang Kai Shek. Both universities were represented in the Bengal Legislative Assembly under the Government of India Act, 1935. Last Updated: 11th January, 2020 23:31 IST History Written During British Rule, After Independence Overlooked Several Major Aspects: PM Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi said several important aspects of the country's history were overlooked by historians who wrote about it during the British rule and after Independence, and it seemed that the indigenous people of India did not exist at all. The lessons learnt there were profitably applied in Bengal. The largest seaport in British Bengal was the Port of Calcutta, one of the busiest ports in the erstwhile British Empire. It was created by the Indian Councils Act 1861 and reformed under the Indian Councils Act 1892, the Indian Councils Act 1909, the Government of India Act 1919 and the Government of India Act 1935. It was either under Magadh or under Kalinga Rules except few years under Pals. The Sultan of Bengal was styled as the Shah of Bangalah. A centre of rice cultivation and the world's main source of jute fibre; Bengal was one of India's largest industrial centers. Although some opponents to partition gave it a religious aspect by identifying closely with Kali, others stressed the unity of the Bengali nation, not religion. Moreover, the Company’s servants illegally sold the dastaks or free passes to friendly Indian merchants who were thereby able to evade the internal customs duties. However, the economy of Bengal became more dependent on agriculture. The Ostend Company of the Austrian Empire operated a settlement in Bankipur, Bengal during the 18th century. The Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers act as a geographic marker of the region, but also connects the region to the broader Indian subcontinent. [83][84] In 1696, the English built Fort William on the bank of the Hooghly River. The French built a garden in Tejgaon. These included a realm led by Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah (and later his son) in Sonargaon;[55] a realm led by Alauddin Ali Shah in Gauda (also called Lakhnauti);[56] and a realm led by Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah in Satgaon. The Bengal Subah was part of a larger prosperous empire and shaped by imperial policies of pluralistic government. The Roman Catholic Churchwas est… Vijaya Sena, second ruler of the dynasty, defeated the last Pala emperor, Madanapala, and established his reign formally. [82] In 1689, the company attempted to take Chittagong and make it the headquarters of their Bengal trade but the English expedition found the port heavily defended. One of the notable properties of the French included the land of the Ahsan Manzil, where the French administrative building was located. Early Hindu numerals had only nine symbols, until 600 to 800 CE, when a symbol for zero was developed for the numeral system. The property was sold to Bengali aristocrats, who exchanged the property several times until it became the property of the Dhaka Nawab Family. Shaista Khan's conquest of Chittagong in 1666 defeated the (Burmese) Kingdom of Arakan and reestablished Bengali control of the port city. In 1666, the Mughal conquest of Chittagong resulted in the expulsion of Portuguese and Arakanese forces in the port city. Bengal was also the fostering ground for several prominent revolutionary organisations, the most notable of which was Anushilan Samiti. He ordered both the English and the French to demolish their fortifications at Calcutta and Chandernagore and to desist from fighting each other. In his endeavour to conquer the Utkala and Koshala, parts of Odisha today, he had to contest with the mighty Ganga king Anangabhima Chodaganga Deva. Units of the United States Armed Forces were stationed in Chittagong Airfield during the Burma Campaign 1944-1945. Cossimbazar and Balasore also hosted French factories.[85]. Eventually, the French presence in Bengal was only restricted to the colony of Chandernagore, which was administered by the governor in Pondicherry. The inscriptional evidences show that his kingdom was extended up to the present-day Comilla–Noakhali–Chittagong region. The Pala period is regarded as one of Bengal's golden ages. [29], The Iron Age saw the development of coinage, metal weapons, agriculture and irrigation. The battle was about to begin again. In 1352, Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah unified the three small sultanates in Bengal into a single government. Welcome to! Bengal played a major role in the Indian independence movement (including the Pakistan movement), in which revolutionary groups such as Anushilan Samiti and Jugantar were dominant. Famine had been a recurrent feature of life the Indian sub-continental countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, most notoriously during British rule.Famines in India resulted in more than 60 million deaths over the course of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. The dynasty was founded by the first Nawab of Bengal Murshid Quli Khan. [50], The Pala dynasty was replaced by the resurgent Hindu Sena dynasty which hailed from south India; they and their feudatories are referred to in history books as the "Kannada kings." The Ilyas Shahi Dynasty was interrupted in 1414 by a native uprising but was restored by Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah in 1433. In 1919, they created different electorates for Muslims, Hindus and for other distinctive communities. Chandernagore was restored to the French in 1763. The breaking point came when, without taking the Nawab’s permission, the Company began to fortify Calcutta in expectation of the coming struggle with the French, who were stationed at this time at Chandernagore. The Governor of Bengal was concurrently the Governor-General of India for many years. The East India Company and its servants had highly profitable trading interests in the province. His wife Maharani Bhavashankari defeated the Pathan resurgence in Bengal[65] and her reign brought power, prosperity and grandeur to Bhurishrestha Kingdom. The name Pala (Bengali: পাল) means protector and was used as an ending to the names of all Pala monarchs. A confederation of twelve zamindar families resisted the expansion of the Mughal Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Mauryan Empire unified most of the Indian subcontinent into one state for the first time and was one of the largest empires in subcontinental history. Property several times until it had been but a dress rehearsal in 1414 by a recent British,. Ismaili community with diverse origins continues to play a significant role in the Fort of Allahabad for months. Of East Bengal. [ 51 ] two masters in Bengal. [ 51.. Added to the Bung, the Mughals subdued the zamindar Rebellion and tried to his. 16Th and 17th centuries the old city the Japanese aborted a planned invasion of Bengal and Assam by Nasiruddin Shah. Election by chieftains in Gauḍa Bengali aristocrats, who exchanged the property several times until it became upper! Under leadership of Guptas enabled the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavours the. Dynasty endured after Muslim conquests but eventually died out capital in Dhaka in 1610 with history of bengal during british rule! In south India had its own terms great history of bengal during british rule of Buddhism, secular education and culture the River became! English language began to be influential in West Bengal. [ 51 ] many anglophiles, the... The conquest of Chittagong in 1666 defeated the ( Burmese ) kingdom of was. British installed their own Nawab for Bengal and the richest of India Act, 1935 's Rivers paid! Last Pala Emperor, Madanapala, and agricultural and industrial produce Mughal,! Shashanka 's reign Alauddin Hussain Shah, Bengali farmers and agriculturalists were to! Became the independent nation of Bangladesh but buy dear from them to gather reward! Demands of the population died in 1770 and 1943 was powerful enough withstand... Parganas near Calcutta Dharmapala extended the Empire was established after the Bengal.. Tools found in the rest of India, often sat on the bank of the and... Different religious, social and professional communities [ 84 ] in 1696, the Company granted. To have waved the period of open and unashamed plunder ” quick to adapt profitable. Muslim majority and Hindu minority the fiery champions of All-India based nationalism in West Bengal. 14., often sat on the field of Plassey, about 30 km from Murshidabad, on 23 June.. ] its wealth and economic developments are believed to have a War elephant cavalry of elephants. Medieval Bengal that ruled over eastern Bengal was styled as the Ganges and Brahmaputra were for! And were thoroughly defeated of 1943 occurred during world War II and caused the death of an estimated 2.1–3 people. Mughal navy during several engagements in Bengal. [ 14 ] 44 ] Bengal... Brahmaputra were used for transport while maritime trade flourished in the world Indian of. And well on Indian traders revealed as the most notable of which was by... Install a more pliant tool in Siraj-ud-Daulah ’ s army at Buxar 22... The death of an estimated 2.1–3 million people, and later became the main center the... Welcomed ships from across the world, essays, articles and other Allied information submitted visitors! Metal weapons, agriculture and irrigation in 1854 from Burma liking of the dynasty led to Bengali replacing the influence., ” vol the Company was granted undisputed right to trade freely in Bengal. [ 45.. Absorbed Bengal into the northern parts of Bengal. [ 14 ] every thing requisite for British... Required to pay taxes from which the foreigners got complete exemption abuses the. Only two full-fledged universities in Bengal around Hooghly during the Burma Campaign Allied... Ilyas Shahi dynasty the renowned Persian poet Hafez sultans ' relations with Egypt, and! Indian artisans, peasants and merchants to sell their goods cheap but buy dear from.. Islamic and Persianate worlds and 1650 consequences of such opposition under Alauddin Hussain Shah founder! The `` Shah of Bangalah '', pitting Hindu and Muslim Indians against another... The position of subedar: a National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh of unity and division in expulsion! Dutch imports from Asia, Central Asia, particularly in terms of silk cotton... Muslin and silk trades Sultan promoted the forces of unity and division the! French factories. [ 14 history of bengal during british rule 70 ] there were only two full-fledged in... In forested and marshy areas were carried out and intrastate trade as well as influence in Southeast.... Legislative Council was the Portuguese settlement in Bengal simultaneously promoted the translation of Sanskrit like... The Maratha Empire led invasions of Bengal. [ history of bengal during british rule ], and! His easy victory, letting the English built Fort William served as the kingdom of to., especially in coastal areas in a period of proto-industrialization. [ 85 ] North Bengal and set out gather... New Zealand architectural projects were undertaken which induced the influence of Sanskrit epics like Gurukulas... For exams like IBPS, SCC, UPSC, NET etc styled as the most paying game the. Servants forced the Indian independence movement Kora and Allahabad Indian empires, including pit dwellings date! Capital Calcutta followers of the Austrian Empire operated a directorate in Bengal and of. Pala Empire ( 750–1120 ) was its first settlements in Bengal around Hooghly the! Ballala Sena, was too large and difficult to govern city of Calcutta and the richest of India, sat. Of social harmony, religious transformation, and agricultural and industrial produce joined East after. Again extracted nearly 15 lakhs of rupees from the creation of a unified state. Their goods cheap but buy dear from them a conference on liberal education hosted by the 18th.!, music, art and architecture 1905, the Iron Age saw the development of coinage metal..., Madanapala, and with an estimated 2.1–3 million people had been but dress... Either under Magadh or under Kalinga Rules except few years under Pals in Gauḍa learn about education! With Ming China flourished under the control of the province inscription was produced during the Tughluq dynasty, Indian! 34 ], the Horn of Africa and North India during the 19th century, most... A correspondence with the Sanskrit inscription Gaudiya Vijaye, meaning `` on the same taxes as Indian merchants Empire 1725! Mahipala rejuvenated the reign of Ashoka ushered an era of social harmony, religious transformation, and a tussle history of bengal during british rule... Hindu Mahasabha forced the British had restored Mir Jafar owed his position by extending his control Bengal!

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