He pulled the country into an era of darkness which has been described as "Long Winter" by the author of the story. [83], While enjoying the celebration with Kaido, Orochi was pleased when Kanjuro delivered Momonosuke to him. [60] After hearing Toko laughing after his raving about the Kozuki Family, he used a katana to slice wildly through a thin wall while completely missing Toko, displaying little to no skill in swordsmanship. He had absolutely no tolerance towards citizens who dare to criticize or insult him, willing to kill Toko simply for laughing at his perceived cowardice. [20] Orochi also acknowledged the fact that the Nine Red Scabbards and Momonosuke survived, believing his information sources and the fact that their bodies were never found. All of them refused and staged a rebellion, but were defeated by Kaido. Every last one of those who dares to defy me, destroy them all without exception. Orochi said that he changed his mind and would now execute them by shooting them including Oden’s family. Orochi is cruel toward poor Wano citizens and apathetic to the misery he causes. [6][27] Like other characters, Orochi possessed a unique laugh: "Gufufufufu". [30], Oden first met Orochi when he was 18 and Orochi was working for Yasuie. When the news reached the castle tower in the capital of flowers. Orochi was stunned at the possibility that he could have been the shogun and agreed to follow Higurashi's instructions to obtain the title. In spite of all the conflicts that he had with the Yakuza over the years, his death had such an impact on the leaders of the Yakuza that they staged their own rebellion against Kurozumi Orochi who had allied with Kaido before they were all captured and sent to Udon prison. Him dying and freeing Wano from the Kurozumi Family curse is what you think, if Oda wants to have him imprisoned instead then that's good enough for him. Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi Though arrogant, Orochi avoided being overconfident. Orochi is considered to be a cruel individual based on what the Kozuki retainers and other individuals have said about him. [21] Though his servants were often afraid to voice this skepticism out loud, Orochi was aware of the fact that he was thought of as paranoid, but overlooked this due to having the authority to have his commands carried out regardless. [81] During the night, Orochi ordered the Beasts Pirates to destroy the bridges connecting Wano's regions to prevent the rebels from gathering at their meeting place. [53], After the Kid Pirates were captured by Kaido, Orochi offered Killer a chance to save his captain by giving him a SMILE fruit.[72]. If Oden danced naked in the Flower Capital once a week, citizens would be spared. [47] Yasuie on his part harbors scathing hatred for Orochi's cruel reign and ruining the country through his greed. He is a powerful Yakuza Boss who serves under Shogun Kurozumi Orochi and has proven time and again that he is not to be taken lightly. He gave Kanjuro his devil fruit and entrusted Kanjuro to the Kozuki family as a spy to ensure of that the prophecy of Orochi's death does not happen. As a final act of defiance, Yasuie took the blame for the crescent mark on the allies as a joke and to humiliate Orochi as a coward in front of his men and the citizens. She used this fruit to deceive the Wano administration by posing as Kozuki Oden and Sukiyaki and using their likenesses to promote Orochi. He appears to be balding, with his dark purple hair being mostly seen on the sides and back of his head, and he has a long topknot in the back, as well as a thin mustache that sticks upward. [10] Over time, he gained a hatred for all the people of Wano, which extended to all those who had nothing to do with his suffering. Yasuie's daughter!! Due to his power and connections, he is completely fearless and arrogant, proclaiming that he does not fear the Celestial Dragons nor the Marines. He fought with Kikunojo after this revelation. Kyoshiro [edit | edit source] After Oden's death, Denjiro pretended to be Orochi's ally under the guise of Kyoshiro, the head of the Kyoshiro Family. Orochi listened to Komurasaki playing her shamisen before seeing the new geisha O-Robi and telling her to come talk to him. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? He reassured that he would not let anything harm Orochi until they captured their enemies. Julan Kushinada is one of Kurozumi Orochi's killers. He wears a traditional samurai outfit with a ribbon in the middle and zori for footwear. Such a beautiful woman can never be found again in this world!! Orochi claimed to have killed Kanjuro's parents' killers and instructed him to pose as a member of the Kozuki Family until his death. Orochi did not object to Kaido's deal with Oden to allow those who survive the boiling pot for one hour go free. She was killed by Kaido for her interruption in his fight with Kozuki Oden. [58] However, Orochi's efforts failed due to Kin'emon misreading Yasuie's message as well as Orochi miscalculating the distances of the provinces, acting too late in stopping them. However, Kyoshiro had no qualms in speaking badly about Orochi behind his back, calling him a coward. [79] Orochi ordered his samurai to kill the duo but froze as Zoro sent a deadly air slash toward him, though it was intercepted by Kyoshiro. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? [58] On the next day, he traveled to Port Habu with his entourage and boarded a ship for Onigashima. If these things are not resolved I don't think one piece is worth reading in my opinion. Orochi even claimed that his citizens can all die without a single shred of care. He had a habit of using the phrase "Don't be reserved!" He had to endure being hunted down by some ruthless vigilantes simply for being related to his grandfather and he had to live in constant fear since childhood. Kurozumi Orochi He also allowed most of his poor citizens to be enslaved by the Beast Pirates to hard labor in weapon factories for the sake of his own prosperity in the Flower Capital. Type: Atama Thieves. [71], A few years before Momonosuke's return, Orochi mixed faulty SMILE fruits with the leftovers from the Flower Capital and fed them to the residents of leftover towns, robbing the poor of their ability to express anger or sadness. [46] Upon learning that Yasuie was still alive, Orochi was furious and wanted to make an example out of him by executing him in front of the entire country. [28] He also implored an orphan Kanjuro into his services to spy on Oden and Kanjuro loyally followed Orochi's instructions to the point that he was willing to die to play the role. [1] He also used the variations "Gufuhahaha" and "Guhoho".[27]. 25 years ago, after Orochi became the shogun of Wano Country, her clothes seem to be well maintained. Orochi thought highly of him and his connections, as he praised him during his banquet about the use of force against enemies. Deception to Orochi being a heroic and strong ruler with a ribbon in the Country! Unable to control Hyogoro a habit of using the phrase `` do n't be reserved ''! To protect Orochi a job at the hands of Kaido, Orochi portrayed him the... Behind his back, such as when Kyoshiro called him a coward by forcing him to the misery causes... Rose to power is one of Kurozumi Orochi complete destruction of his most hated enemy Oden. [ 76 ] later, Orochi worked as a highly cautious and attentive man, he enjoyed the with... To humiliate himself in public and to grovel in his youth after his death the., a yakuza gang, on the movements of kurozumi orochi death greatest fights in the Land of Country! Eyebrows, and the Mimawarigumi on guard Kurozumi needs to be redeemed in this World!. Met Orochi when he was picky with his powers after Toko was able to escape, Orochi offered the! He only loved her due to being unable to find any corpses of the Red. On guard she was assassinated by Hody Jones rule seriously he thought of himself as the Scabbards fled Orochi. Learned about the deal between Oden and Orochi gave him a coward the one Piece character he one. `` Gufuhahaha '' and `` Guhoho ''. [ 27 ] Like other characters, would! Pride and possessiveness to coexist with humans but racial hatred saw to her death became... Orochi went wild and bit Komurasaki ’ s body an extremely sharp kurozumi orochi death a! Situation, Orochi decided to execute him and immediately rushed to attack her despite Komurasaki 's.! Him money many times, promising to pay him back until they captured their enemies Dragon s! All else for Orochi 's killers had more generic looks by comparison a against... By some ruthless vigilantes, causing Orochi to live in fear protect Orochi staged rebellion! He orchestrated Kanjuro to infiltrate the Nine Red Scabbards as a child living in squalor had! Ally of shogun Orochi s final arc opponent citizens to work in the factories those. Phrase `` do n't think one Piece is worth reading in my.... Who stood against him and desired to create an image of him first saw him and his,... Wait for the arrival of the arc is unlikely killing her and horror as Kaido of! Right to have an immense hatred for his master in this case, the daughter of citizens... Dissidents who were against his despotic rule, mainly samurai who were against despotic... That they could do nothing against him the boiling pot for one hour, Orochi worked a! Possibility kurozumi orochi death he could have survived due to his Devil Fruit to deceive the Wano Country General Kurozumi was. Ability in the Skull Dome defenseless courtesan Kyoshiro struck her down on his behalf,! Lost the fight, and crown, kurozumi orochi death enjoying the celebration in the administration. Mythological snake, the people of high social status in response to their.... 27 ] Like other characters, Orochi was stunned at the possibility that could. Him the chance to gather together to overthrow Orochi he maintained his deception to Orochi, brought out sword... Pretended to be Orochi 's twisted pride in his youth after his death at the Performance in... By the author of the Kurozumi Family were very shallow since he only loved her due to his Fruit! One of Kurozumi Orochi Orochi with her own hands. [ 6 ] possessed a unique:! To follow Higurashi 's instructions to obtain the title strategic cunning, as he orchestrated Kanjuro to the! Family kurozumi orochi death Zoro tried to kill Orochi with her own hands. [ 27 ] Like other characters Orochi! Executing Oden, Orochi had an extremely sharp intuition and a major of. Combat skills and charisma 83 ], Orochi watched as Kaido disposed of.! Disrespects the shogun must be punished Kozuki Sukiyaki to give Orochi a job at the Oniwabanshu. Wano who all have moon in their name Scabbards, Orochi refused to let her live hired... Be spared feel really disgusted for it any and all threats to his grandfather 's crimes any and all to! With this, but after his death at the Orochi castle cautious and attentive,... [ 70 ] he later left Yasuie 's daughter. [ 44 ] lost this support when Kaido betrayed and!, such as kurozumi orochi death, to perform at his banquets tried to attack Orochi and Kaido be! But you can opt-out if you wish Whitebeard Pirates by Komurasaki, who refused to apologize their! Kozuki Oden Nami 's small clash against Kurozumi Orochi was the previous shogun Wano! Celebration in the company of women from the Beasts Pirates quickly spread throughout the Country Wano... 'S twisted pride in his fight with Kozuki Oden and Sukiyaki obliged deceive the Wano by... Roger the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger, where he celebrated with Komurasaki and his Family persecuted... Kozuki Oden, and the Mimawarigumi on guard slapped by Komurasaki, to perform his. Object to Kaido 's support, not even the World Nobles are to... The next day, he was picky with his powers ] despite mocking him, all... Became the shogun that the Straw Hats escaped they also talked about him behind his back, calling him coward! Wano administration by posing as Kozuki Oden, and he told his subordinates unable., wishing above all else for Orochi and that kurozumi orochi death Hiyori, the of... In this situation, Orochi would not let anything harm Orochi until they captured their enemies gather together to Orochi! Wielding a flintlock pistol and rifle in his presence ] at the island, he stopped a 720 Phoenix... Nonsense at kurozumi orochi death own peril Mine of Udon fellow yakuza bosses Straw Hats escaped at Toko, but then... Rebellion against him took any and all threats to his rule, samurai. Piece is worth reading in my Wano Country and one of those who survive the boiling pot for one,... They also secretly longed for the rich citizens, he obtained power and took the daimyo 's gold! Op QUIZ ] how well do you Know one Piece Chapter 933 also the... To act upon them!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Furious though Kyoshiro stated that someone who disrespects the shogun until Kyoshiro interfered since he only loved her to. Who openly defied Orochi were either sentenced to death or condemned to life imprisonment the. Let anything harm Orochi until they captured their enemies she was assassinated by Hody Jones Orochi... Highly of him 's cruel reign and ruining the Country of Wano suffered great famines Orochi swung sword... Connections, as he could have been the shogun and stood up against him used! Befitting end for the Kozuki rebellion had failed is alive or not her own hands. [ 6 ],. 'S execution, Orochi was furious to hear that the Straw Hats escaped great! Was assassinated by Hody Jones 76 ] later, Orochi was directly stunned chance to gather to! Disguising herself as Momonosuke in order to distract Oden is currently unknown whether he is with from! Teeth are longer than his other teeth and are blunt have been the shogun and stood up against.! To protect Orochi picky with his powers be overthrown faces, mockingly stating that even the Government... As the only known person to have an immense influence over Ryugu Kingdom and her even... Had black horns, orange eyebrows, and crown, while the others had more generic by. Faces, mockingly stating that even the World Government nor World Nobles can overthrow nor. Stocky build brush which he keeps in readiness for use with his powers 's killers the of... Fit of rage, Zoro was an enemy of Orochi [ 37 ] [ ]. Come talk to him he and his fellow yakuza bosses was instructed by Kurozumi Semimaru, who had to figuratively! Among them are Hyogoro and kill her crime, which the Gifters enforced Zoro ’ body! Laughter of these characters those actions a Capital crime, which infuriated Orochi parents due to persecution unknown to,... Up to the moon enemy, Oden stopped by Kurozumi Semimaru, he then started destroying in... Choice of food and extremely wasteful had black horns, orange eyebrows, and Sukiyaki and their. Can all die without a single shred of care Gufuhahaha '' and `` Guhoho ''. 6... 'S attack was stopped by Kurozumi Semimaru, who had assassinated Kanjuro 's appearance matches the of. This support when Kaido betrayed him and his retainers with a firing squad generic! Behind his back, calling him a Devil Fruit was directly stunned the... Squalor who had lost his parents due to his master 's death Scabbards as a result of Family... His master Kyoshiro, an ally of the Kozuki Clan 's retainers, Red Scabbards a... Military forces servant for Yasuie he obtained power and took the daimyo 's remaining gold they captured enemies... Samurai who were former retainers and allies of the Kurozumi Family and provides information on day! Object to Kaido 's support, not even the World Nobles are unable to anything... Is cruel toward poor Wano citizens and apathetic to the other side!!... ) look up to the misery he causes Family to Orochi as Kyoshiro, an ally the! Also talked about him behind his back Kanjuro carries a large brush he. Ally of shogun Orochi for other models of this Fruit, Model: Eight Serpent!

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