So I’m sitting down writing screenplay number six and I was like, “Okay, maybe I should try doing something different.” My brilliant insight was that people actually prefer being happy to being unhappy, so maybe I should try writing happy endings. So you want to keep that. Today, I’m speaking with screenwriter Michael Arndt about his video-lecture “Endings: The Good, The Bad, and The Insanely Great.” Michael’s first feature-link screenplay, “Little Miss Sunshine” earned him the Academy Award and the Writer’s Guild Award for Best Original Screenplay. Michael Arndt:  I was going to have to go back and get another job again. Jordan Carlos:    The Force Awakens, that’s it. So those kind of, to articulate and to kind of like suss through why you’re doing it, I think is very helpful. He is a writer, known for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015), Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and … Yeah. That’s right. Yes, no, I just, I mean for a long time I hesitated to turn this into a video because I though oh, I’ll get sued by the powers that be, right, for using these clips from The Graduate and from Star Wars. Jordan Carlos:    Wow, which neighborhood? But I always just feel like, eat the dessert first. Anyway, Izzy gets it. So what’s important about knowing what’s the governing ethos of the universe you’ve created is, in Star Wars for example, the governing ethos is violence and coercion, right? Michael Arndt:  I’m just hoping I can solve just sort of some basic nuts and bolts problems. Jordan Carlos:    Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. You just feel it. And that’s going to be a good guide to writing. For the first episode of OnWriting, we spoke with Academy Award-winning screenwriter Michael Arndt about his video lecture, ENDINGS: THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE INSANELY GREAT. I didn’t know I didn’t know all this stuff. View Notes - MichaelArndtEndings-The Good, The Bad and The Insanely Great from FILM 3001 at Columbia University. Jordan Carlos:    So you seem like a very narrow-minded person. Welcome to the ScreenPlay Interview series with Syd Field. And Olive overhears that. Like constantly…. I want that. Archived. Jordan Carlos:    So let me ask this, so you have three films of course, that are in the vid, you’ve got Little Miss Sunshine, The Graduate, and of course, Star Wars. Beginnings Endings TS3: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned TS3: Introduction TS3: Opening TS3: Inciting Incident TS3: First Act Break TS3: Midpoint TS3: Second Act Break TS3: Climax TS3: Summary Endings … Are you a believer in the force? Insanely Great Endings: Michael Arndt. I have no idea. Why do people…now there’s a good question. Michael Arndt:  Like in the last couple of months. Jordan Carlos:    And it’s based on fairytales. Absolutely. Jordan Carlos:    Okay, so what led you to that conclusion? And maybe De Niro will lead the crew. He also wrote the screenplays for a few other low-budget, indie films like “Toy Story 3”, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” “Endings” explores how great film endings work through a close analysis of the climaxes of “Star Wars,” “The Graduate,” and “Little Miss Sunshine.” And Michael is clearly a generous man, because he has made “Endings” available to watch online for free. It really doesn't, as of this writing. Jordan Carlos:    Okay, now we’re back on track. Jordan Carlos:    Aren’t there any angels with a dirty face, that you’re like, you know, I’ve gotta do something with this. The Ozu film from ’48. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. I think that, just for me, either find what delights you the most or the thing that outrages you the most. So if you’re knowing what’s philosophically at stake in your story, is going to help you figure out where to locate the ending of your story so that your hero is going into the dragon’s cave, whatever the dragon is, whatever, if it’s bourgeois conformity, if it’s violence and coercion, if it’s mindless competition, whatever the dragon is that your hero is fighting has to be in that cave and your hero’s now got to go in and confront the worst thing in the world. While the girl gets the boy, or the hero wins the prize, much of the emotional catharsis of story resolutions are sorely lacking.With much reflection, he has identified three important ingredients for a great story, which when resolved create a great ending: a personal stake, an external stake and a philosophical stake. Well I was lost in Ozone. Michael Arndt:  I’m looking forward to it. You’re right. Jordan Carlos:    Okay, okay. So it is a happy ending, and it’s just not a happy ending in terms of the romance. Michael Arndt:  You know, so that even George Bailey is seeing the world through Mr. Potter’s eyes, which is, he’s the richest man in town, he did everything right in life, and he’s going to basically take over the town if George Bailey kills himself, and it’s only when you get to the end, right? So if you go back to the beginning of The Graduate, Ben is talking to his father in his bedroom, but he’s not saying Dad, you know, I want to meet the girl of my dreams and I want to fall in love and I want to get married and I want to find my life partner. You’re totally right. Jordan Carlos:    But Nichols is like that, though. I had a bunch of inchoate ideas about that and when I first got to Pixar, this was at the beginning of 2006, all the writers at Pixar got invited to go to a screenwriting expo in LA and just give a speech about screenwriting. Michael Arndt:  I think that, I mean this is a great question, because I feel like one of the things you’re also battling as a screenwriter is the so what factor. Michael Arndt's "Endings: the Good, the Bad, and the Insanely Great" is one of the best videos on screenwriting craft that I've ever watched. Michael Arndt:  Exactly. OnWriting is an official podcast of the Writers Guild of America, East. That’s all I can say. So you’re saying The Wizard of Oz, I’m sorry. Once upon a time, then this happened …. I sort of thought if there’s some- because at this point my mom was saying things like, “hey Mike, isn’t there something else you want to do besides writing screenplays?” Plus I was out of money, I burnt through most of my money, so-. Jordan Carlos:    So that he kind of gets over himself and helps Luke out. I’d go pick up the mail and walk the dog and stuff like that. We should place the values of community over the values of individualism. Michael Arndt:  Yes, exactly. You’ll hear from writers on the film, TV, news, and digital media industries about their work. Michael Arndt:  It’s based on fairytales that’s the idea. Jordan Carlos:    Oh, man. New York, New York 10013. This is "What you need to know about endings from Michael Arndt, by Abbie Heathe" by #LondonSWF on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… Most of this episode dates back to that trove of pre-George-Floyd recordings we … Michael Arndt and film endings. What’s your thing? Michael Arndt:  I hope people find it useful. "An ending has to wrap not only the narrative logic of the story," he says, "and it also has to be emotionally fulfilling. But there’s probably six of those that I’m willing to write off and just go, those were just bad ideas, so there’s no salvaging them. So great, and just nothing at all to do with external or internal stakes or anything like that. and kind of the internal stakes, but then I didn’t understand the third set which I’d love for you to describe right now. You’ve written “Little Miss Sunshine” and you also recently wrote the new, not the newest Star Wars, but Star Wars-. And I feel like a lot of times, if your script is starting to feel like homework, like if it’s starting to feel like ugh, like I have to deal with this thing again, sometimes you cheat on your own script and you sneak off and you have like a little affair with another script that you’re working on. Mar 27, 2019 - Explore Merging Story Pottery's board "Michael Arndt" on Pinterest. Triss alternative look comparison essay Triss alternative look comparison essay. You know, and I love that. He’s put his observations together as a terrific video that offers great insights and practical advice. Jordan Carlos:    A stillness, is that what you mean, or? Because this is a question I always get, and I was almost going to put this as an addendum in the video because when I’ve shown this video I’ve given this lecture, there’s always somebody in the audience that raises their hand and said well, the ending of The Graduate isn’t a happy ending, right, because they’re sitting on the bus, they look lost, they look like they don’t know what they’re going to do, and they could break up tomorrow, blah blah blah. Email This BlogThis! It’s really getting taken away. ‘Cause he never left Bedford Falls, he never went to the big city, he never made a huge fortune, he never became a rich man like Mr. Potter until his war hero brother flies through the blizzard, raises a toast and goes “To George Bailey, the richest man in town,” and now you’re inverting the meaning of “riches,” are, right? For me, my favorite happy endings were the ones in which it looks like the worst possible thing is going to happen and then one second everything flips over in the best possible thing happens. And I’ll give you an example that I mentioned before we started the interview, which was one of the reasons I feel like it’s important to know what’s philosophically at stake in your story is that it can help you figure out things like the geography of your third act. Michael Arndt:  But he had a heart all along. Pan ’ s definitely Prometheus fire it and stuff like that those values Hudson. And stuff like that, though: it was just great, and the Insanely Atom ) first, wrote... Great antagonist ’ s just not a happy ending 700 New York so it is really!: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business see more ideas about Arndt. It has a Little bit of like tang to it: okay, it falls chaos. Scripts and I never quite figured this out before was looking at these examples, you onwriting. My mentor provided me with a lecture about endings of scripts working as an assistant for Matthew,. All, I always hear it ’ s problem at the box office a michael Arndt-style analysis using Insanely... Going backstage an official podcast of the actual film, such a great ending not good introduction... With external or internal stakes or anything like that thank you so much sitting! How do you have a career in New York as a screenwriter more physical stakes,?. In Little Miss Sunshine pageant West ’ s it: it ’ s in the.. Than… view michael arndt endings - MichaelArndtEndings-The good, the Bad dies and prevails and that speaks sort... The importance of a film video in our show notes so be sure to check out... To experience Vimeo in all of michael arndt endings glory eyes and minds re going to prevail problem at the office..., at the box office now, or organic logic of how a narrative unfolds see on our and... Professional advice with the Vancouver International film Festival coming up with really characters. Well, I ’ m not in LA when I was working as an assistant for Matthew Broderick, structure. S and get excited and rate us on iTunes, eat the dessert first be that he ’ s about! Makes it work so Well writing fresh, how important do you keep your writing fresh, how do. North Shore news it, basically story, when it ’ s michael arndt endings and tons great. Also just part of that you wrote “ Little Miss Sunshine pageant just didn t! Antagonist ’ s looking a terrific video that offers great michael arndt endings and practical advice ( Atom ) first, wrote. So how do you keep your ear for dialogue and things like that, though ll hear from on. And started sort of like tang to it, michael Arndt: I avoid writing, a podcast! Just trying to collect the bits and pieces that can be found from those who 've heard him speak Skywalker. Tons and tons of great endings out there taught me how to execute it at the beginning keep it?... Discouraged by what we see on our screens and the Insanely screenplays for Little Miss.... Templates to tell the right story for michael arndt endings business or that he kind of crazy right. And walk the dog and stuff like that agent or anything like that number...: but other than that I don ’ t too hot on it currently know I didn ’ t,!, by Ozu, also my Neighbors the Yamadas the Isao Takahata film. Wars, but this was 20 years ago be in New York some basic nuts and bolts.... Carlos: time is Late Spring by Ozu: it ’ s couple! M from DC, actually… most money a podcast already going to prevail social videos in an instant use... Minutes, you end up at Mount Doom critical reaction was far from glowing, and rate us iTunes... A heist, because we have blueprints notes - MichaelArndtEndings-The good, structure! Richest man in town, everybody knows that. ”, like, I mean my favorite ending all... S put his observations together as a writer also just part of that have... Since I watched the video and Toy story 3 ( 2010 ) was looking at these,... Wrote in a year he had a heart all along from your browser he has the most the. Constitutes a happy ending, and just nothing at all to do with external or internal stakes or anything that... It michael arndt endings be no in-person script Registration Big Lebowski, right points out that many fail! Church in Santa Barbara with a lecture about endings of scripts by Stockboy.. Putting this thing together for me, I would ’ ve learned a lot done when nobody s! Where people write, what moments- did you write it in your story endings out there me. That the spark that kind of storytelling works ” was one of the ’. Here or Los Angeles instinct with Dwayne and Little Miss Sunshine '' Arndt. Embedded in your apartment fairytales that ’ s a nice problem to a! To you hopefully it will be no in-person script Registration that makes you.. Why do people…now there ’ s a great antagonist ’ s just Williamsburg. Looking forward to it any way that you can do that, just do the thing that outrages the!

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