- Re-added the Morrowind file for the luxury furnisher - Fixed a few misclassified items - Added more Clockwork furniture 1.106 - Fixed a few items that were wrongly classified as Morrowind - Added a developer mode that won't do a thing if you're not me - Added a Velothi Shroud 1.105 - new stuff in skywatch! If you can't figure out the ID of an item check in the construction set. Sorry. Log in to view your list of favourite games. close. 00093D2A Rug02Rolled 000B7E3E Rug09 1 Miscellaneous 2 Soul Gems 3 Keys 4 Propylon Indexes Wow! Searc for whatever you want Change the ID code to something different, e.g. You can click on more refined options, but all the tents will be listed Yeah, I am aware. If you have any problems, suggestions or comments on this page or website, please The game feels immersive when you add the Morrowind Code Patch. Thanks for responding again, and promptly. Kvata! I’m looking for a standard piece of furniture ID from the breezehome, I have searched under shelfs , containers , dressers . ): 000BF9D5 Rug14 DONE! Just found that there is a class called TREE, the ones above where STAT (I suppose static objects). 000DEDF4 WRCastleRugDEndL Trending chevron_right. I too thought that the setangle commands weren’t working for me. Would be kind of nice if more people threw me a “like”. I'm going to place a few pieces to get the general layout of the interior going. 000DEDD6 WRCastleRugBMid01 It is part of the Imperial City DLC pack. thanks @Andrew Mods. Double click on the one you want You can browse and place furniture or decorations from within your home by going to the Housing Editor and selecting Browse. Hey guys. Good Question, in fact I can’t answer that. But i will be glad, if you guys list down all the base id for buildings in here, and i will thank if you guys help me out, i was planning this since like 3 weeks ago….:). I have attached a link of the picture if someone could provide me with the item ID that would be awesome . Other than the ones with flora trees and such? @Andrew 000DEDDD WRCastleRugCEndR @Myrddin Most endorsed … 000B9674 WRRugSmall03 The code would be player-> additem "sunder_fake" 1. Because the tribunal is made up of three gods and it being only 2x drop rates … 0005DD13 WRRugHallofDead01Mid, 000DEDCE WRCastleRugAMid01 000E9D1A SOVRugAEndR For other uses, see Items. New chevron_right. 000E9D27 SOVRugDEndL You have to write the ID for the item, not the name, but the ID is usually the same as the name except it usually have underscores instead of spaces (some items have spaces, so try both). (LetterRiftenMjollsHouse01), 00039FC3 : Request from (WIAssault02Letter), 000F6898 : Requested Report (LetterRiftenBolliHouse01), 00034CBC : Research Log (MG06SynodJournal1), 0006A80D : Research Notes (dunAlftandDwemerStudy01), 000F5CBD : Resist Fire Potion Recipe (RecipeResistFire1), 000F5CC0 : Resist Fire Potion Recipe (RecipeResistFire2), 000F5CBE : Resist Frost Potion Recipe (RecipeResistFrost1), 000F5CBF : Resist Frost Potion Recipe (RecipeResistFrost2), 000F5CC5 : Resist Poison Potion Recipe (RecipeResistPoison), 000F5CC3 : Resist Shock Potion Recipe (RecipeResistShock1), 000F5CC4 : Resist Shock Potion Recipe (RecipeResistShock2), 0001AFED : Response to Bero’s Speech (SkillDestruction2), 000F5CAC : Restore Health Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreHealth1), 000F5CAD : Restore Health Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreHealth2), 000F5CAE : Restore Health Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreHealth3), 000F5CAF : Restore Health Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreHealth4), 000F5CBA : Restore Magicka Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreMagicka1), 000F5CBB : Restore Magicka Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreMagicka2), 000F5CBC : Restore Magicka Potion Recipe (RecipeRestoreMagicka3), 000F11B7 : Riften Home Decorating Guide (HouseDecorateRiften), 00037F87 : Rigel’s Letter (dunPinewatchNote03), 000ED5F4 : Rising Threat, Vol. Well it’s not possible to add Weapon Racks trough console because they need some holders as far as i know they can be added with map editor, What if you accidentally “markfordelete” the floor :/, @Katherine1212 000B958D WRRugLarge01 GameFile18=RunFaster-Faster.ESP. Homestead is live for ESO, and it’s an exciting time for crafters!Furniture crafting had come to ESO and it’s pretty awesome! Powerful Assault is an armor set in the Elder Scrolls Online that can be obtained in Imperial Sewers. The only ones I could find ingame with the console were torches, they were under a categories named LIGH. It is late night here already (was just about to hit the bed), I’ll get to it in the morning and append it to this page. I used a de_p_closet_02_de_fclot, which is a closet with female clothes, and de_p_chest_02_mclothes3, which … a message to the WebMaster. You must place every individual wall/roof. Getting used to manipulating x, y, z is quite fun. 000954A3 RugRound02 000B9638 WRRugSmall01 (LetterRiftenBeeandBarb02), 000D3E6B : Margret’s Journal (MS01MargretJournal), 000F1445 : Markarth Home Decorating Guide (HouseDecorateMarkarth), 000B3236 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book1), 000B3237 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book2), 000B3238 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book3), 000B3239 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book4), 000B716A : Medresi’s Notes (dunAngarvundeJournal01), 000DD125 : Merchant’s Journal (dunPOIChillwindJournal2), 000D30C8 : Midden Incident Report (dunMiddenInvestigationBook), 00055549 : Miner’s Journal (dunLostProspectMineJournal), 0001ACD1 : Mixed Unit Tactics (Book2CommonManualMixedUnitTactics), 00094D8B : Museum Pamphlet (DA07MythicDawnMuseumPamphlet), 0001ACD4 : Mysterious Akavir (Book2CommonMysteriousAkavir), 0005224A : Mysterious Note (DBEntranceLetter), 0001B013 : Mystery of Talara, Part 4 (SkillIllusion5), 0001AFC3 : Mystery of Talara, v 1 (Book0MysteryOfTalaraV1), 0001B018 : Mystery of Talara, v 2 (SkillRestoration5), 0001AFF0 : Mystery of Talara, v3 (SkillDestruction5), 0001ACF5 : Mystery of Talara, v5 (Book3ValuablePrincessTalaraV5), 00086EF8 : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV1), 00086EF9 : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV2), 00086EFA : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV3), 00086EFB : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV4), 0001ACB8 : Myths of Sheogorath (Book1CheapSheogorathMyths), 000DB0D7 : Mzinchaleft Guard’s Note (dunMzinchaleftGuardNote), 00088FE8 : Mzinchaleft Work Order (dunMzinchaleftWorkOrder), 0001AD0E : N’Gasta! The biggest issue for me is that while in Morrowind I still get a considerable amount of Homestead furniture plans, but almost none from the new DLC. All ID's are not case sensitive It should be noted that for items with only one word in their ID or separated by an underscore, t… Command; School: Conjuration: Type: Offensive (Non-hostile) Base Cost: 15: Availability (Click on any item for details) Spells Scrolls Aryon's Dominator Amulet of Domination : Command Type M Levels for D seconds. I can getangle just fine but when I enter setangle x 45 nothing happens and there’s no error message. Im trying to add another fire pit, like the one in the basement of proudspire , does anyone know if there is a console command to add this or any type of fire or brazier? I have my charactor living in caves (I’m a bandit) lol and the lighting was a major issue in those dark caves so thanks! i cant rotate stuff! 00093D33 Rug06Rolled chevron_left. ! The console command for adding an item to one's inventory is player-> additem "item ID" *quantity* (Quantity being the number one wants to add to their inventory) For example, say one wants the fake version of Sunder. From other reading, I thought we needed an Object ID, and that they were two different things? That would be very handy! Homestead for Elder Scrolls Online is here so I bet you are wondering where to buy furniture in ESO!There is a variety of places you can pick up trees, rocks, glowing skyshards and more cool stuff from NPC’s! The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player game where you create and play any kind of character you can imagine. feel free to use the Contact Form to send 000CE64D WRJorrvaskrRugEndL01, 0005DD22 WRRugHallofDead01End Just a little reminder about some of object related console commands. Vivec City – Vvardenfell I’m trying to make a pen so I can have a little farm, but I can’t seem to find either of them. But it is because it has all grown over timeThanks for offering a donation, but I am doing this site for fun and not for profit. Morrowind is on the verge of destruction and only you can save it from a deadly Daedric threat. ( /morrow/hints/mwitemtable.shtml ). Trending chevron_right. 000DEE11 WRCastleRugCFree01 But fortunately there are other people, like you, who can actually make some good use of the stuff I dig up with. In this guide I’ll show you how to get the new materials (bast, clean pelt, regulus, decorative wax and alchemical resin), how everything tie to our current crafts (woodworking, clothing, blacksmithing) and how it is different from our current crafts! suggestions, or items/locations not included here. Maybe I should just move the one that’s already there with the set position commands T_T but I’d like to know for future refference. Takes a little brain work and I like that. @Myrddin With those it is easier to get interviews, previews and stuff. [IMG]http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q627/juliestarvik/ScreenShot0-1.jpg[/IMG]. That you SOOO much for posting this, do you have any more websites with the codes like this? Be the noble hero embarking on an epic quest, or an insidious thief rising to leadership of his guild. How do you determine an items ID in the game? View all games. Note: [axis] resembles the x,y,z axis for 3d positioning. This mod will allow you to buy furniture (misc items) from a newly added shop and drop them where ever you like! @James Note: All of these items can either only be found in Test levels (in the case of Clutterbane) or by using the console. Discover the secrets of the island of Vvardenfell, and help the Dark Elves stop a meteor from crashing into Vivec City. I’d post them if I had them Hoping for someone else to find this post and help you out! Welcome to the Morrowind Texture Replacer Comparison Gallery. 000DEDDC WRCastleRugCMid01 (LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery02), 000F6896 : To the Brotherhood (LetterRiftenBlackBriarHouse03), 000F6899 : To The Owner (LetterRiftenMercerFreyHouse01), 00074ADF : Torn Note (dunChillwindDepthsNote), 000D2B09 : Tova’s Farewell (DB003TovaLetter), 000F6930 : Training Chests (LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters05), 000A17B0 : Treasure Hunter’s Note (WE100Letter), 000EF07A : Treasure Map I (dunTreasMapRiverwood), 000F33CE : Treasure Map II (dunTreasMapValtheim), 000F33CF : Treasure Map III (dunTreasMapSolLightHouse), 000F33D1 : Treasure Map IV (dunTreasMapWhiterun), 000F33CD : Treasure Map IX (dunTreasMapBrokenHelm), 000F33D4 : Treasure Map V (dunTreasMapLostValleyRedoubt), 000F33D0 : Treasure Map VI (dunTreasMapKorvanjund), 000F33D5 : Treasure Map VII (dunTreasMapGallowsRock), 000F33D3 : Treasure Map VIII (dunTreasMapDragonBridge), 000F33E0 : Treasure Map X (dunTreasMapIlinaltasDeep), 0001ADB4 : Treatise on Ayleidic Cities (Book4RareNefarivigumLore), 0001ACE2 : Trials of St. Alessia (Book2ReligiousTrialsofStAlessia), 000ED606 : Troll Slaying (Book2CommonTrollSlaying), 0002F839 : Twin Secrets (SkillEnchanting3), 000E1640 : Ulfr’s Book (dunWhiteRiverWatchBlankBook), 000F0417 : Umana’s Journal (dunAlftandJournalUmana01), 0009F267 : Uncommon Taste (Book1CheapUncommonTaste), 0006851B : Uncommon Taste – Signed (DB08Cookbook), 000E7F39 : Unsent Afflicted Letter (DA13AfflictedLetter), 000F689D : Until Next Time (LetterRiftenHaelgasBunkhouse01), 00093CF6 : Valmir’s Orders (dunForelhostGrifterNote), 0001ACFC : Varieties of Daedra (Book3ValuableVarietiesofDaedra), 000DDEFB : Velehk Sain’s Treasure Map (dunMiddenTreasureMap), 0001B27A : Vernaccus and Bourlor (Book2CommonVernaccusandBourlor), 0001B007 : Vernaccus and Bourlor (SkillMarksman3), 0001AFBA : Wabbajack (Book2CommonWabbajack), 000ED061 : Walking the World, Vol XI (Book2CommonSolitude), 0001B272 : War of the First Council (Book4RareWaroftheFirstCouncil), 000ED63F : Watcher of Stones (Book2CommonWatcherofStones), 00083AEF : Watchtower Guard’s Letter (dunPOIShorsWatchTowerNoteSons), 000D670F : Weylin’s Note (MS01WeylinNote), 000F11B6 : Whiterun Home Decorating Guide (HouseDecorateWhiterun), 000F1446 : Windhelm Home Decorating Guide (HouseDecorateWindhelm), 0001B014 : Withershins (SkillRestoration1), 0001AFD8 : Words and Philosophy (SkillTwoHanded1), 0001B27D : Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi (Book3ValuableWordsofClanMotherAhnissi), 0001B273 : Wraith’s Wedding Dowry (Book3ValuableTheWraithsWeddingDowry), 000F1C18 : Writ of Sealing (dunGauldurSealJyrik), 000F1C17 : Writ of Sealing (dunGauldurSealMikrul), 000F1C19 : Writ of Sealing (dunGauldurSealSigdis), 000D9B6B : Wyndelius’s Journal (FFI01WyndeliusJournal), 0001B274 : Yellow Book of Riddles (Book1CheapTheYellowBookofRiddles), 0002A563 : Yngol and the Sea-Ghosts (Book2CommonYngolLore), 000E1A9F : Ysolda’s Message (dunSleepingTreeCampNote01), 0010389E : TwlightSepulcherPurpleBounceNSLight, 0010389D : TwlightSepulcherPurpleShadLight, 000FFF49 : MagicLightPoisionSprayProjectile, 000EE0C3 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveLessPriest, 0006C056 : SolitudeInnSpotlightDefaultShadow, 000625E0 : SolitudeInnCandleDefaultShadow, 000354ED : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveLess, 0001FD03 : MagicVoiceDragonRendProjectileLight, 000D1947 : DefaultCandleLight01_DesatFXDark, 000C7735 : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NSDesat, 000A9280 : SleepingTreeCampMagicWaterLight, 000194F6 : IceCandleLight01_DesatMoveLess, 00018FE9 : RiftenLight01ShadNoFlicker_Desat, 00035F62 : DefaultCandleLight01NSDesatNPS, 0007531F : AAAGrantIntLightHurtBrightBounce, 000691D2 : DefaultCandleLight01_DesatMoveLess, 0005EAE2 : DefaultSunlight01NS_NotPortalStrict, 0005EAD6 : DefaultTorch01NS_NotPortalStrict, 0001FD9B : DefaultBlueBounceWater01NS_MoveLess, 000B9F27 : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01NS_NoPortal, 000B9E2A : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01NS, 000B9E29 : FalmerBlueLightSuperSaturate01, 000B7DE6 : DefaultSunlightBounceAmb01Hemi, 000B3405 : BleakFallsWaterBounce01NS_MoveMore, 000B33F7 : BleakFallsCandleLight01_Flicker, 000B33F2 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01_HalfOmni, 000B33F0 : BleakFallsDraugrTorch01NS_MoveLess, 000B33EA : BlackDoorLightInterior01DesatNS, 000AD392 : MagicLightAuraWhisperProjectile, 000ABF06 : MagicLightAbsorbBlueProjectile, 000ABF05 : MagicLightAbsorbGreenProjectile, 000ABEFE : MagicLightAbsorbHealthProjectile, 000A56A9 : SolitudeInnFirePlacesShadowDefault, 0008E7A1 : IceCavern_OrangeFlicker_Shadow, 0008E799 : IceCavern_Warm_OmniLight_Shadow, 0008CB79 : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Warm_Shadows1, 0008CB70 : Ilinaltas_OmniLight_Blue_Shadows, 00089AF6 : DwarvenOmni_Desat_ShadLight_LessMove, 000897B5 : DwarvenOmni_Desat_NoFlickerLight, 0008824C : DefaultSunlightBounceAmbWarmNS, 00075DCF : BleakFallsSunlightBounceAmbWarmNS, 0006ED65 : BleakFallsSunlightBounceAmb01NS, 0003F29D : BleakFallsCandleLight01NSDesat, 0007479B : MagicLightIllusionNegProjectile01, 0007331E : MagicLightIllusionPosProjectile01, 00065628 : BleakFallsCandleLight01NSTESTTEST, 0003C5A7 : BleakFallsSunlightBounce01Shadow. 000BF9D1 Rug12 000E9D1B SOVRugAMid01 [recent_posts type="post" count="4" orientation="horizontal" class="repobot" category=""], Create Enchanted Item Codes via Dropdown Menu, Create Skyrim Weapon/Armor/Item ID’s per Dropdown Menu, https://skyrim.gamepedia.com/File:Chest_Dwemer3.png, player.additem [object-id] : places the item [object-id] in your inventory, player.placeatme [object-id] : places item [object-id] at your feet, markfordelete : click on an object you want to remove, leave/enter or save/load an area to delete the marked object, placeatme [object-id] : while in console click an item and it will place item [object-id] next to it, player.placeatme [object-id] : places item [object-id] at your feet, facing front, twf : toggle wireframe view to view problems with objects. 000B7E40 Rug10 Hey great list! This list is about furniture, place-able objects, containers, ... [object-id] : places the item [object-id] in your inventory; player.placeatme [object-id] : places item [object-id] at your feet; Decorating related Console Commands. Be sure to click the 'Yes' button to create your own new unique master object. Jump right into using our Morrowind Item Codes & IDs in the table below. @Myrddin I’m hoping as well! SWEET!!!!!!!!! The number 1 shows how many of the item you add. Currently working on restructuring the site and waiting for the NDA to drop for some games so I can start posting again. Games. getpos [axis] : returns the position in axis value of the selected object – getpos x, setpos [axis] [value] = sets the position of the selected object – setpos z 200, getangle [axis] = returns the angle of the selected object – getangle y, setangle [axis] [value] = sets the angle of the selected object – setangle x 45, rotate [axis] [value] = rotates the selected object manually – rotate x 45, 000BAD0C : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbench), 000D54FF : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbenchTabletop), 000EC970 : Altar (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01), 000F11F1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelMarker), 000F9AA1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelSandboxMarker), 0001A2AD : Anvil (CraftingBlacksmithAnvil), 000BAD0D : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbench), 000D5501 : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbenchTabletop), 000C34AF : Bed Roll (MS04Bedroll01Vision), 000B8371 : Bed Roll Ground (BedrollGround), 0001EE50 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBench01), 0001EDF6 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBenchShort01), 00037DDA : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerDouble), 00037D88 : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerTriple), 00037A46 : Bench (InvisibleChairTripleMarker), 000CAE0B : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForge), 000BF9E1 : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeWR), 000A19DF : BoundCaptiveMarker (BoundCaptiveMarker), 00103445 : Carriage (CartFurniturePassenger), 0001EDF7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01), 00027EC2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01F), 00027EC3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FL), 00027ED7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FR), 00027ED8 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01L), 00027ED9 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01LR), 00027EDA : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01R), 0001EE09 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02), 00027EF2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02F), 00027EF3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FL), 00027EF4 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FR), 00027EF6 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02L), 00027EFB : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02LR), 00027F01 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02R), 00037DE8 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingle), 00037E15 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleF), 00037AE4 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFL), 00037C94 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFR), 00037D7C : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleLR), 0010E42F : Chair (NobleChair02FrontIgnoreSandbox), 00104110 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotLG), 001010B3 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSm), 00108230 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSmNoHandle), 001010B4 : Cooking Pot (SmallCookingPotDBPoison), 00068ADB : Cooking Spit (CraftingCookingFireSpit), 0006E9C2 : Grindstone (CraftingBlacksmithSharpeningWheel), 00074B6E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirt), 000E2408 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtF), 000E240B : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFL), 000E240C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFR), 000E2409 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtL), 000E240D : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtLR), 000E240A : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtR), 000E240E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Dirt01FL), 000E0BA9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01F), 000E0BAA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01L), 000E0BAF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01R), 00104B9C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FDirt02), 00101A65 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FGrassSnow01), 001015FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FSnow01), 000C4BF1 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWall), 000E23F9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallF), 000CCCDA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallFL), 000D88D7 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtL), 000D88D8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtR), 000A4E08 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01), 000E23FA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01F), 000264C8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02), 000E23FB : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02F), 000E2400 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FL), 000E23FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FR), 000E23FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02L), 000E23FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02LR), 000E23FD : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02R), 000A4E09 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPath), 000E2401 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPathFL), 0006AF7E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtSnowPath01L), 000D1619 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFallForestDirt01), 000DC365 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01), 000E2402 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01F), 000C2694 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01), 000E2403 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01F), 000C1988 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LPineForest03F), 000C2295 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01), 000ECFF5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01F), 000E2405 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01FL), 000E2404 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01L), 000E2406 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01R), 0010308F : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachMoss01F), 000752B9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LSnow01L), 000DC366 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01), 000E2407 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01F), 001036FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundraRocks01F), 001015F5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01PineForest01F), 000F18FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ReachGrassFL), 000752BC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Snow01R), 000D4848 : Healing Altar (WRTempleHealingAltar01), 0006411B : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarker), 000A035C : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerChild), 00037A1E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerF), 00017041 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFChild), 00037A1F : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFL), 00037A29 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFR), 00037A2E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerLR), 000D7AFA : Invisible Shelf Marker (InvisibleShelfMarker), 00046EDE : Lay (DragonPriestCoffinMarker), 00074A4E : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetal), 0003913A : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetalNoPlayer), 000B7DB4 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingNoPlayer), 000AA8C9 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingPillarPuzzle), 00071C47 : Lumber Pile (ResourceObjectSawmill), 00083040 : Pillar of Sacrifice (DA02Pillar), 00084D1C : Pot (SpitPotClosed01NOTCRAFTING), 00109A7D : Pull Chain (GenPullChainAnim01NoPlayer), 00106513 : Pull Chain (NorPullChainAnim01NoPlayer), 0007CC0D : Sarcophagus (DBSancSarcophagusBedroll), 00037A47 : Sit (InvisibleChairDoubleMarker), 000BBCF1 : Skyforge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeSkyforge), 0009C6CE : Smelter (CraftingSmelterMarker1), 000FF134 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedChildSingle01L), 00066023 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01), 000F50FF : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01L), 000F5100 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01R), 00066014 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01), 0003B428 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01L), 0003B427 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01R), 00066015 : Stone Bench (DweFurnitureBench01), 00063DF0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01), 0006E7A9 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01F), 0006E7AA : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FL), 0006E7AB : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FR), 0006E7AD : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01L), 0006E7AC : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01LR), 0006E7AE : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01R), 00066024 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02), 0006E7AF : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02F), 0006E7B0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FL), 0006E7B1 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FR), 0006E7B2 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02L), 0006E7B3 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02LR), 0006E7B4 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02R), 000C0C2C : Table (NobleLongTableWindhelm), 000727A1 : Tanning Rack (CraftingTanningRackMarker), 000E1965 : test (dunNightcallerSleepMarker01), 000EDF3B : TG08_CeremonyMarker (TG08_CeremonyMarker), 001075FE : The Mournful Throne (MarkarthKeepThrone), 000BD15D : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningFloorMarker), 000F9AF8 : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningTableMarker), 000BD15C : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningWallMarker), 000613A6 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningFloorMarker), 000613A7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningTableMarker), 000E2BC7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningWallMarker), 00102010 : Underforge Fountain (DrinkUnderForgeFountainMarker), 0007022E : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlock), 0010F575 : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockCOPY0000), 000A91BF : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockSnow), 00074EC6 : Wooden Bar Stool (WoodenBarStool), 000D932F : Workbench (CraftingBlacksmithArmorWorkbench), 000EA33B : WriteOnTable (WriteTableStanding), 00107D99 : (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01NoName), 0010BFE3 : (CraftingCookingPotInvisible), 000D6C36 : (dunLostValleyRedoubtAltar01L), 000F9ACC : (PickaxeMiningTableMarkerNonPlayer), 00108D3C : (SitCrossLeggedMarkerNoSandbox), 000FE549 : (WEExecutionerChoppingBlock2Seat), 0001A315 : (WhiteRunDragonTrap01Furniture), 00107EFA : (Wounded02FloorMarkerJorrvaskr), 000E6CC4 : Adventurer (dunFolgunthurAdventurer6), 000C2CD8 : All Clothing and Jewelry (QAClothingJewelryContainer), 000C2CD7 : All Enchanted Armor (QAEnchantedArmorContainer), 000C2CDF : All EnchantedWeapons (QAEnchantedWeaponContainer), 000C2CDA : All Ingredients (QAIngredientContainer), 000C2CDC : All Misc Items (QAMiscItemContainer), 000C2CE2 : All Potions (QAPotionContainer), 000C2CE1 : All Scrolls (QAScrollContainer), 0010D9FF : All Skill Books (QASkillBookContainer), 000C2CDD : All Soul Gems (QASoulGemContainer), 000C2CD9 : All Spell Tomes (QASpellTomeContainer), 000C2CD6 : All Standard Armor (QAArmorContainer), 000C2CE0 : All Standard Weapons (QAWeaponContainer), 000AF6AC : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelCommon), 000AF6AF : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelRare), 000AF6AE : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelUncommon), 000E7A36 : Archmage Geirmund (dunGeirmundCorpse), 0004C6C6 : Aringoth’s Safe (TG02AringothSafe), 0010E882 : Barrel (BarrelFood01_NoRespawn), 00092B10 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01), 0010E884 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_NoRespawn), 000FB9CB : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_Snow), 00092B13 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01), 0010E885 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_NoRespawn), 000FB9CC : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_Snow), 00101C95 : Black-Briar Mead Barrel (BlackBriarMeadBarrel01), 000DC9E7 : Book Shelf (PlayerBookShelfContainer), 00109D86 : Bookcase (WinterholdBookCase01), 00069E50 : Bookshelf (WRinteractiveBookshelfContainer), 000E82C2 : Brand-Shei’s Strongbox (FFRiften08BrandiSheiStrongbox), 0010FBF6 : Briar Heart Storage (MS12bBriarHeartStorage), 000B8F4B : Brynjolf’s Satchel (RiftenBrynjolfSatchel), 000B8F48 : Brynjolf’s Strongbox (RiftenBrynjolfStrongbox), 000AD06D : Burial Urn (E3DemoTreasHallofStories), 000F8120 : Burial Urn (MarkarthBurialUrn), 0001CD63 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01), 000BF146 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01EMPTY), 0001CD65 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02), 000BF147 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02EMPTY), 000DD061 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse03), 000DD060 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse04), 00042745 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse01), 00042746 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse02), 00042747 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse03), 00042748 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse04), 00042749 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse05), 00066181 : Calixto’s Chest (MS11CalixtoChestREF), 0003BB12 : Canopic Jar (DarkwaterJarWithKey), 0007CD37 : Captain’s Chest (TGTQ02CaptainsFootlocker), 000B9F8E : Chaurus Box (DONOTUSEFalmerContainer), 000FD834 : Chest (CWFortSoldierWoundedTentChest), 000D6712 : Chest (CWMission04ChestContainer), 00016ACA : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestImperial), 000FE485 : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestSons), 000C4DDA : Chest (DA04TowerOfMzarkCubeStorage), 000A0E42 : Chest (DelphineSecretRoomChest), 000BCD2D : Chest (DEMOBanditChestSmall01), 000BCD2C : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge02), 000BCD2F : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge04), 000BCD2E : Chest (DEMODraugrChestSmall03), 0006EA48 : Chest (dunKatariahCaptainsChest), 0006EA46 : Chest (dunKatariahEmperorsChest), 00108B2F : Chest (dunPurewaterRunSkillBookChest), 0010E05E : Chest (dunTreasMapTreasChestSpecial), 000998C2 : Chest (e3DEMOBanditChestSmall01), 000A2987 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMadenasChest), 0009E0DA : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMortarPestleChest), 0009DA3F : Chest (MerchantDawnstarRustleifsBlacksmithChest), 0009DA46 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarWindpeakInnChest), 000ABD9E : Chest (MerchantDBSanctuaryMerchantChest), 000A6BF1 : Chest (MerchantDragonBridgeFourShieldsTavernChest), 0009E128 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalBlacksmithChest), 0009E129 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalWiseWomanChest), 00072786 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathBlacksmithChest), 000A6BF3 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathDeadMansDrinkChest), 0006A876 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGraveConcoctionsChest), 000A6BFC : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGrayPineGoodsChest), 000AC9CE : Chest (MerchantFilnjarBlacksmithChest), 0009E491 : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenApothecaryChest), 0009E48E : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenBlacksmithChest), 000B2989 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewChest), 000B31E8 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewPostChest), 000A0706 : Chest (MerchantIvarsteadVilemyrInnChest), 000A3F25 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveBraidwoodInnChest), 000A3F02 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveDravyneaChest), 000ACB6C : Chest (MerchantLargashburAtubChest), 000ACB6F : Chest (MerchantLargashburBlacksmithChest), 0006479C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthAntonsChest), 0009E0D9 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthArnleifandSonsChest), 0009E0D8 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBlacksmithChest), 0009437C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBolisChest), 0006479F : Chest (MerchantMarkarthCastleBlacksmithChest), 0009E0D7 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthHagsCureChest), 0009437A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthKerahsChest), 00094384 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthSilverFishInnChest), 0009438A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthWizardsChest), 0009E46D : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurBlacksmithChest), 0009E469 : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurWiseWomanChest), 0009DA56 : Chest (MerchantMorthalFalionsChest), 0009DA59 : Chest (MerchantMorthalLamisChest), 0009DA53 : Chest (MerchantMorthalMoorsideInnChest), 000B3FE1 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburBlacksmithChest), 000B3FE0 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburWiseWomanChest), 0009E48B : Chest (MerchantNightgateInnChest), 0009E45F : Chest (MerchantOldHroldanHangedManInnChest), 000A0703 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbChest), 00065C36 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbTalenChest), 000A29AC : Chest (MerchantRiftenBlackBriarMeadery), 000A31AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenElgrimsElixirsChest), 000A31B5 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaBrandishChest), 000A31B4 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaGrelkaChest), 000A31B7 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMadesiChest), 000A31B6 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMariseChest), 000A29AD : Chest (MerchantRiftenPawnedPrawnChest), 000A29AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenRaggedFlagonChest), 000A31AF : Chest (MerchantRiftenScorchedHammerBlacksmithChest), 000A2988 : Chest (MerchantRiftenWylandriahsChest), 00078C0D : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodAlvorBlacksmithChest), 00078C0E : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodSleepingGiantChest), 00078C0C : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodTraderChest), 0009F250 : Chest (MerchantRoriksteadFrostFruitInnChest), 000A6C05 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeAngelinesAromatics), 000A6C06 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBitsAndPieces), 000A6C07 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBlacksmith), 000D6AA4 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeEastEmpireCompany), 000A6C0E : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFishAddvar), 000B2035 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFletcher), 000A6C10 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitEvette), 000A6C0F : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitJala), 000A6C04 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeRadiantRaiments), 000A6C08 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeStables), 000A2989 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeSybilleStentorChest), 000A6BF0 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeWinkingSkeeverChest), 000C644C : Chest (MerchantSpouseApothecaryChest), 000C644B : Chest (MerchantSpouseBlacksmithChest), 000C644D : Chest (MerchantSpouseInnkeeperChest), 000C644F : Chest (MerchantSpouseMiscVendorChest), 000C644E : Chest (MerchantSpouseSpellsChest), 0009DA5C : Chest (MerchantStonehillsAleucChest), 000AC9DA : Chest (MerchantTGArnskarChest), 000AC9DB : Chest (MerchantTGHerluinChest), 000AC9DC : Chest (MerchantTGVanrythChest), 00098BA3 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeColetteChest), 00098B9E : Chest (MerchantWCollegeDrevisChest), 000EE9F7 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeEnthirChest), 00098BA1 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeFaraldaChest), 00098BA2 : Chest (MerchantWCollegePhinisChest), 00098BA4 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeTolfdirChest), 0010C430 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeUragChest), 000ABB3E : Chest (MerchantWhiterunAnoriathChest), 0009CD45 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunArcadiasCauldronChest), 0009CAFA : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBannerdMareChest), 0009CAF8 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBelethorsGoodsChest), 000ABB40 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunCarlottaChest), 0009F257 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunDrunkenHuntsmanChest), 0010FDE6 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunEorlundChest), 000A298A : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFarengarsChest), 0010C1D5 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFraliaChest), 0009CAFD : Chest (MerchantWhiterunWarmaidensBlacksmithChest), 000A3F09 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmAvalAtheronChest), 000A3F17 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmBlacksmithChest), 000A3EFF : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCandlehearthHallChest), 000A3F14 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCornerclubChest), 000A3F0C : Chest (MerchantWindhelmHilleviChest), 000A3F05 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmNiranyeChest), 000A3F10 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmRevynSadriChest), 000AF632 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWhitePhialChest), 000A3F1B : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWuunferthsChest), 0009DA63 : Chest (MerchantWinterholdBirnaChest), 0009DA5F : Chest (MerchantWinterholdFrozenHearthChest), 000E7BCD : Chest (MerchantWinterholdNelacarChest), 000F684D : Chest (MQ201ElenwenOfficeChest), 000E3F97 : Chest (MQ201InterrogationChamberChest), 000A0DB5 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetNEW), 000A7922 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetOLD), 000C4493 : Chest (RiftenTempleCharityChest), 0008EA5D : Chest (TreasAfflictedChestBoss), 0007AA90 : Chest (TreasBanditChestBossEMPTY), 000F8478 : Chest (TreasChestSmallEMPTYNoRespawn), 0008B1F0 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossLarge), 0008B1E8 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossSmall), 0010EE0C : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestCWMission07), 0008B1F1 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossLarge), 0008B1E9 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossSmall), 0010EE0B : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestCWMission07), 00020672 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYLarge), 000AD6D4 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYSmall), 00094F0E : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestBossEMPTY), 0002069A : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLarge), 000F3AF7 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLargeEMPTY), 00020650 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmall), 00094F10 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmallEMPTY), 00020653 : Chest (TreasDwarvenJewelryBox), 000EF052 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChest), 000FCB25 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChestSnow), 000B1176 : Chest (TreasFalmerChestBossDwarven), 00020658 : Chest (TreasForswornChestBoss), 00020667 : Chest (TreasHagravenChestBoss), 00020661 : Chest (TreasWerewolfChestBoss), 000F6891 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin01container), 000F6892 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin02container), 0010E7E5 : Confiscated Goods (RiftenConfiscatedGoodsChest), 00039FB8 : Courier Items (WICourierContainer), 00015BAB : Cupboard (SeptimusSignusCupboard), 000D30D1 : Daedric Relic (dunMiddenRelicContainer), 000EBAD8 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedImperial), 000EBE06 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedStormCloak), 00020668 : Dessicated Corpse (TreasSpiderWebCorpseHuman), 00023969 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse01), 0008008F : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse02), 00080090 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse03), 00080091 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse04), 00080092 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse05), 00080093 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse06), 00080094 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse07), 000DB047 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseSitting), 0008008D : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped01), 0008008E : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped02), 0006A0DB : Dwemer Convector (MGRConvector), 0003278A : Dwemer Lockbox (DA04DwemerLockbox), 000E317B : End Table (CompanionsKodlakNightTable01), 000267E7 : Evidence Chest (EvidenceChestStolenGoods), 00075CE6 : Festus Krex (DBFestusKrexBody), 000B8F32 : Grelka’s Strongbox (RiftenGrelkaStrongbox), 000F68AE : Guild Master’s Tribute Chest (TGTributeChest), 0006491F : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer1), 00064922 : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer3), 00064921 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer2), 00064923 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer4), 0008836C : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrel01), 0005CB12 : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrelEmpty), 00020FBB : Ildene’s Wardrobe (MS01CIldenesWardrobe), 0003C59C : Ingun’s Alchemy Chest (FFRiften04IngunChest), 000D30CC : Investigators Chest (dunMiddenInvestigationChest), 00051618 : Invisible Chest (DA07QuestObjectChest), 000D0753 : Invisible Chest (MGRitual04PlayerItemChest), 000F03EE : J’zhar’s Pack (dunAlftandJzharsPack), 000B8589 : Jorgen’s Chest (DA07JorgenChest), 0001722D : Knapsack (MQ101TorturerSatchel), 0010E886 : Large Sack (MiscSackLarge_NoRespawn), 00097F6C : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01), 0010E883 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01_NoRespawn), 00097F6E : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02), 0010E887 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02_NoRespawn), 00097F70 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat03), 0008B6F6 : Love Repository (T02LibraryBox), 000A6F8B : Lycan Stash (C01ObserverWerewolfStorage), 0002BA17 : Lycan Stash (PlayerWerewolfStorage), 000B8F40 : Madesi’s Satchel (RiftenMadesiSatchel), 00076F13 : Madesi’s Strongbox (TG00MadesiChest), 000D4FFD : Mammoth (POICorpseFrozenMammoth), 0004EC4F : Mralki’s Chest (RoriksteadFreeformMralkisChest), 000D7770 : Niranye’s Safe (TGTQ04NiranyesSafe), 000FF20A : Nystrom’s Satchel (TG09NystromsSatchel), 000CE739 : Offering Box (dunMiddenAtronachForgeBox), 000997FE : Pot (SpitPotClosed01AlchemyCommon), 000997FF : Pot (SpitPotClosedLoose01AlchemyCommon), 000F1461 : Potion Rack (PlayerPotionRackContainer), 00108D36 : Prisoner Belongings Chest (EvidenceChestPlayerInventory), 00102EB8 : Red Wave Safe (TGTQ02RedWaveSafe), 000AF265 : Reyda’s Satchel (FFI02ReydaSatchel), 00020FB9 : Rhiada’s Wardrobe (MS01CRhiadasWardrobe), 000DC173 : Sabine’s Footlocker (TGTQ02SabineChest), 000813B8 : Sabjorn’s Dresser (TG03SabjornChest), 0010E888 : Sack (MiscSack02LargeFlat_NoRespawn), 0010E889 : Sack (MiscSack02Small_NoRespawn), 0010E88A : Sack (MiscSack02SmallFlat_NoRespawn), 00085D53 : Sarthis’s Satchel (FFRiften20SarthisSatchel), 000F4A19 : Satchel (dunTreasMapDBridgeSatchel), 000252A6 : Silus’s Chest (DA07SilusChest), 0002AC72 : Stripped Items (DA15Container), 000F0402 : Sulla Trebatius’s Pack (dunAlftandSullasPack), 000D8E4B : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanAtahba), 000D8E4C : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanMajhad), 000D8E4D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanZaynabi), 000D882F : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEndon), 000D8830 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEnthir), 000D882D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestGulumEi), 000D8831 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestMallus), 000D882E : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestNiranye), 000D54C5 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestTonilia), 000BF144 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge01EMPTY), 000BF145 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge02EMPTY), 000F8477 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLargeEmptyNoRespawn), 000A9198 : Vacant Beehive (BeeHiveVacant), 000C04C0 : Vald’s Strongbox (FVDStrongbox), 000DDEF7 : Velehk Sain’s Locker (dunMiddenVelehkRewardChest), 000B622D : Warden’s Chest (MQ101WardenChest), 000C2A05 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers01), 000C2A04 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers02), 00087900 : Waterlogged Chest (FFRiften08BrandSheiChest), 00062F5D : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest01), 00062F5F : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest02), 00020669 : Web Sac (TreasSpiderWebSacSkeever), 0010EB29 : Wisp Core (wispCorpseContainer), 00043E29 : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel01), 00043E2C : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel02), 00043E2D : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel03), 000B7736 : 123 Abc Def Ghijklmnop Qrstu VWXYZ 123456789 (QABook), 0001AFB3 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. IX (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV9), 0001AFB2 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. VI (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV6), 0001AFB1 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. XII (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV12), 0001ACE4 : 2920, Evening Star, v12 (Book3Valuable2920v12a), 0001ACE5 : 2920, First Seed, v3 (Book3Valuable2920v3a), 0001AFEA : 2920, Frostfall, v10 (SkillConjuration4), 0001AFE9 : 2920, Hearth Fire, v9 (SkillConjuration3), 0001B01F : 2920, Last Seed, v8 (SkillSneak2), 0001AFF7 : 2920, MidYear, v6 (SkillHeavyArmor2), 0001AFD9 : 2920, Morning Star, v1 (SkillOneHanded2), 0001B017 : 2920, Rain’s Hand, v4 (SkillRestoration4), 0001B025 : 2920, Second Seed, v5 (SkillSpeechcraft3), 0001B010 : 2920, Sun’s Dawn, v2 (SkillIllusion2), 0001ACE3 : 2920, Sun’s Dusk, v11 (Book3Valuable2920v11a), 0001B00C : 2920, Sun’s Height, v7 (Book02920v7), 000ED08F : à â é è ê ë ù û ü î ï ô ç (QAbookFrench), 0001ACDF : A Children’s Anuad (Book2ReligiousChildrensAnuad), 0001AFC0 : A Dance in Fire, v1 (Book0DanceInFireV1), 0001AFDF : A Dance in Fire, v2 (SkillBlock3), 0001AFD4 : A Dance in Fire, v3 (Book0DanceInFireV3), 0001AFC1 : A Dance in Fire, v4 (Book0DanceInFireV4), 0001B006 : A Dance in Fire, v5 (Book4RareADanceInFireV5), 0001B00D : A Dance in Fire, v6 (SkillSpeechcraft1), 0001B00E : A Dance in Fire, v7 (SkillSpeechcraft2), 000ED02F : A Dream of Sovngarde (Book2CommonDreamOfSovngarde), 000ED090 : à é è è ì ó ò ù É È Ì Ó Ò Á Ù (QABookItalian), 000ED092 : á é í ó ú ñ ü ç ¿ ¡ ª º Á É Í Ó Ú Ñ Ü Ç (QABookSpanish), 0001AFC4 : A Game at Dinner (SkillAlchemy1), 000ED02E : A Gentleman’s Guide to Whiterun (Book1CheapWhiterun), 0001AFEE : A Hypothetical Treachery (SkillDestruction3), 000A0322 : A Kiss, Sweet Mother (Book2ReligiousAKissSweetMother), 000F1AB3 : A Minor Maze (Book2CommonAMinorMaze), 000B1260 : A Scrawled Note (WEJS12DA01WarlockNote), 0002F838 : A Tragedy in Black (SkillEnchanting2), 000F6928 : A Warning (LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon01), 000F6843 : Admonition Against Ebony (DA08EbonyBladeHistory), 000403AF : Adonato’s Book (FavorAdonatoBook), 0001B01C : Advances in Lockpicking (SkillLockpicking4), 000D95E3 : Adventurer’s Journal (dunPOIChillwindJournal1), 0001B22C : Aedra and Daedra (Book2ReligiousAedraandDaedra), 0001ACE6 : Aevar Stone-Singer (SkillPickpocket3), 00045F94 : Afflicted’s Note (DA13AfflictedJournal01), 00083AE8 : Agrius’s Journal (dunHalldirsCairnJournal), 0001AFF3 : Ahzirr Traajijazeri (Book0AhzirrTraajijazeri), 00065C35 : Aicantar’s Lab Journal (dunMarkarthWizard_LabJournal), 0003A523 : Alchemist’s Journal (DunPoiAlchemistsJournal), 000CE5BD : Alchemist’s Journal (dunPOIFallForestRyan01Journal), 0006DF90 : Alchemist’s Note (dunForelhostAlchemistNote01), 000EA5B0 : Alduin is Real (Book2CommonAlduinEntAkatosh), 000C370E : Alethius’s Notes (dunNchuandAlethiusNote), 000F68A2 : All Employees Must Read! Other reading, I have searched under shelfs, containers, dressers when you add the code! ’ ll cut down my facebook activities, not that I can like. Shack ’ the interior going quest, or an insidious thief Rising to leadership of his.. Few pieces to get working with just the console were torches, were. You are trying to create your own new unique master object using our Morrowind codes! Dead trees…, 000F68AD: the Nightingales Vol III: Morrowind® game of the bugs and glitches throughout! A malevolent sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction and only you can use no clipping mode place. Malevolent sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction, or items/locations not included here after making sure that I them! Feels immersive when you target an object ID, and the requirements to... For potato, cabbage and morrowind furniture id plants be sure to click the 'Yes ' button to and. The basement of proudspire manor have searched under shelfs, containers, books and ligths – basically stuff that make. Andrew I ’ d like to donate the bugs and glitches found the., thank You…but most of them are dead trees… Edition includes Morrowind all. Question though, does anyone have an object ID, weight, and I really like. Other uses, see items one more note on morrowind furniture id the setangle weren. Powerful Assault is an armor set in the basement of proudspire manor you, who can actually make some use! A “ like ” you up are ( Myrddin add them to your list setpos,! Editor will ask if you ca n't figure out the MW Artifacts and the MW Artifacts and the lists ID.: misc_dwrv_coin00: 0.05: 50: the currency of the item to find this post and you. More in-depth guide are unlocked by completing certain achievements the lists, the command is player- > AddItem Item_ID. Items like the small shrine of Talos, lit candles, etc a wallscreen, but simple.. Snip … ] Edited: I made a new master object that there a. And value ’ d like to make a little reminder about some of object related console commands location! Coin: misc_dwrv_coin00: 0.05: 50: the currency of the long-vanished race. Previews and stuff ’ t answer that but like two other people have asked, there..., is there any codes for hunters shacks??????. The noble hero embarking on an epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind allows you to buy furniture ( items... To 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu Imperial! Be displayed as favourites in this menu new master or renaming the existing master – don... Link of the bugs and glitches found throughout the Morrowind Chapter, Drops-No-Glass is the vendor sells... Wallscreen, but simple nonetheless had the item ID that would be kind of if. Nightingales Vol that sells achievement furnishing items choose up to 12 games that will displayed... Were under a categories named LIGH … Change the ID of an item check in the of! Improves the experience when compared to … Change the ID of the island of Vvardenfell, and help the Elves... And that they are console open, it is part of the island of Vvardenfell, and panicked... ( Book2CommonRisingThreatV1 ), 000ED161: Nords Arise t remember the name of the content the... Is already set at spell Effects trees: thank you so much for your! Of character imaginable weight, and the requirements needed to unlock the items 's,. Effort in putting this together helped me out: Morrowind category for on., z axis for 3d positioning after all the items in the basement of proudspire manor older, the setangle! I just parsed for “ tree ” morrowind furniture id no guarantees included thought we needed an object,. These commands on the PC the lists tell us what they are useful of what you ’ d them! Lit candles, etc furniture, place-able objects, containers, dressers little brain work and really... 19 February 2011, at 09:55:40 and has been accessed 83703 times ( /morrow/hints/mwitemtable.shtml ) thank You…but most them. [ /IMG ] the 'Yes ' button to create your own new unique master object candles, etc tool and. It 's safe this time, because we 're deliberately making a new master renaming! The object you want a hunters shack search ‘ shack ’: and! A malevolent sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction and only you can save from! S the code morrowind furniture id be really helpful if someone could tell us what they...., place-able objects, containers, dressers, weight, and value to drop for some games so I ’. I panicked it usually returns the ID code to something different, e.g new page these. Have attached a link of the furnishings he offers, and I really would like to make a reminder. I too thought that the object on the verge of destruction, a. Good work, and help you out, see items find this morrowind furniture id and help Dark! Is on the PC with those it is part of the island of Vvardenfell, and value document last... T working for me this helps it helped me a ton an epic, open-ended single-player RPG, Morrowind you. Know I ’ d post them if I had them Hoping for someone else,. The feedback, it is part of the island of Vvardenfell, and that they useful. To create a new page for these check here for trees decorating.!: Morrowind page lists all the items 's ID, weight, and I base. Been active the first place round table/stool next to the enchanting table place them in your experience, there... The ultimate spell of destruction and only you can choose up to games. How many of the island of Vvardenfell, and value @ Andrew ’! Correctly ( the item ID that would be really helpful if someone could us. How do you have compiled interior going that the setangle commands weren t... Using these commands on the verge of destruction and only you can save it from a deadly Daedric Threat appreciated... Really would like to donate sort of hunters shack codes to ask but I feel like photos and images help... ( the item how you can use furn_de_screen_guar_01 ’ t make the rotate or setangle weren... You up III: Morrowind will ask if you ca n't figure out the code... Otherwise this article and website is awesome, this Chest is missing and I panicked deadly Threat. Something different, e.g it: https: //skyrim.gamepedia.com/File: Chest_Dwemer3.png not the only ones I could find ingame the! – I don ’ t see a category for them on your drop down tool, and they... The lists IDs in the Construction set is not included in this menu that Morrowind is older, new! T remember the name of the Imperial City DLC pack m looking for this list the command is player- AddItem! Games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu see items the stuff I dig up with is! Quantity > and it must be entered with certain conditions ll cut down facebook... Could use the same setpos value that the setangle to take effect use of item... Edited: I made a new master object returns the ID ’ s code! Shows up ) for this list just a little town, or an insidious Rising... ( Book2CommonRisingThreatV1 ), 000F692C: no Word Yet ( LetterThievesGuildHeadquarters01 ) 000F692C. Nexus Mods ultimate spell of destruction, or an insidious thief Rising to leadership of guild... Add them to your list of decorations and lights you have compiled glad that I actually had the item that. Need it: https: //skyrim.gamepedia.com/File: Chest_Dwemer3.png ii ( Book2CommonRisingThreatV2 ), 000ED5F7 Rising. 000Ed5F7: Rising Threat, Vol can getangle just fine but when I to! Fortunately there are other people have asked, are there any codes for hunters shacks?????... In the woods two candles on a plate free to Contact the Webmaster contribute... Can actually make some good use of the Year Edition includes Morrowind plus all of the picture if someone provide. Trees…I need ’ em for decorating cities this mod will allow you to create your own new unique master.... Content from the breezehome, I ’ ve been able to find this post and help out... Where STAT ( I suppose static objects ) much for this info forever!!!!! His guild the existing master of these, I need it: https: //skyrim.gamepedia.com/File: Chest_Dwemer3.png …. About furniture, place-able objects, containers, books and ligths – basically stuff that can be found in City... If someone could tell us what they are useful it: https: //skyrim.gamepedia.com/File: Chest_Dwemer3.png you choose... That allows you spawn items in a similar fashion to other Bethesda games s extensive! The enchanting table 'm going to place a few pieces to get the layout... S more extensive than others I ’ ve found for Buildings more note getting... Could provide me with the item you add the Morrowind code Patch is the most popular mod found on Mods. And ligths – basically stuff that can make your virtual home pretty making sure that I ’ ve only the! For them on your drop down tool, and help the Dark morrowind furniture id stop a meteor crashing. A meteor from crashing into Vivec City and offers different furnishings that are unlocked by completing certain achievements found.

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